best quality face masks, which face mask, does a face mask work, coronavirus face masks Facemasks have become
a symbol of Covid-19
An essential method of protection
best quality face masks, which face mask, does a face mask work, coronavirus face masks Facemasks have become
a symbol of Covid-19
An essential method of protection

Face Masks

Does wearing a face mask work? 30 countries have so far mandated face masks as compulsory, China, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia, the Phillipines,Israel, South Korea among them. In these countries, the rate of infection dropped rapidly.

The WHO's current guidelines recommend face masks for all those who think they have symptoms. At the moment they do not recommend it for those who do not have symptoms. What they do say however, is that when caring for anyone with symptoms, you should wear a face mask whenever in the same room.

How can you know whether those around you have coronavirus or not? You can't; they may be asymptomatic or not yet displaying symptoms. 40% of coronavirus carriers are asymptomatic. Even those who display symptoms will spread the virus for up to 7 days before they realise they are infectious. The best precaution to take, is to wear a mask. But which face mask?

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Real life research has shown that using a mask reduces the spread of covid droplets. Jenna in Germany introduced compulsory face masks and remained free of new cases for 8 days from 31st March. China was able to reopen Wuhan within 8 weeks because everyone who went out fashioned themselves a face mask however they could. The world laughed at first at pictures of plastic bottles in lieu of coveted face masks. But then coronavirus began to spread and the world took a cold hard look at the facts. Face masks worked.

In Israel, coronavirus face masks appeared from the very start and after only 130 cases, they are reopening the country. In Hong Kong, face masks are worn by 98% of the country and they have only seen 12 cases.

Face masks alone will not help you because you may pick up infection from touching surfaces. But there is a growing argument that face masks function as visual reminders both for others and yourself, to maintain strict standards of hygiene.

The latest guidelines from the the UK government, advise that people should "aim to wear a face-covering in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible and they come into contact with others that they do not normally meet" continuing "marginally beneficial as a precautionary measure by protecting others if the wearer is an asymptomatic carrier," they advise employers to support workers if they wish to wear them.

Whilst you can fashion a mask out of anything, the best quality face masks provide more protection. Since coronavirus is the most contagious disease right now. You want to give yourself the protection possible for you and your family.

How to wear a face mask

N95 masks are the European and US standards for respirator masks; KN95 masks are the Chinese standards for masks. The requirements are virtually identical.

The KN95 masks capture 95% of 0.3 micron particles, those are really tiny particles!

To be certified as a KN95 mask, the Chinese government requires the manufacturer to run mask fit tests on real humans and achieve less than 8% leakage. The standard N95 mask does not require manufacturers to run fit tests. The bottom line is that the KN95 mask is the most effective protective mask available.

If you want to check the data for yourself, look at the specification for KN95 compared to other industry standard masks available across the world.

As we re-enter the workplace, or even venture out shopping or exercising, it's vital that we minimise contact as much as possible and protect ourselves, our loved ones and others from the spread of the infection. Stay alert, wear a face mask when encountering others. Stay smart, buy the best face mask you can. Choose KN95 masks, the mask that helped China beat corona, the mask that's the standard for health workers. The mask that will help keep you safe.